The Race is on! Roll up! Roll up! Artists of Sheffield! And Sign Up!

We're fundraising for Recovery Enterprise

Sheffield's second Free-form Floating Creative Celebration of Absurd style, Slippery substance and mouth whetting waterworthiness.

A cascading Cavalcade of floating artworks will be raced down the River Porter @ Endcliffe Park, on Sunday 13th July 2014, 12noon - 2pm.

“The RAFTA'S” Daft craft show; prior to the race; will see the presentation of awards for the 'funniest', 'most inventive'' and 'daftest' vessels which most fully embody the ideals of the DaftCraftRaftRace.

Take Part

Please contact us ASAP to confirm you would like to take part, so that we can get an idea of numbers, or if have any questions.

Entrants are encouraged to post sketches, photos or descriptions on our facebook page, giving a flavour of their DaftCraft (without giving too much away), hence building anticipation for the BIG REVEAL on the day.

Artists at Yorkshire Artspace have committed about a dozen or so 'vessels' already, so come on! The more the merrier.... Lets see what you're made of... oooooarghhhhh me hearties!

Raising sponsorship - Everyones a winner……

Artists solo 'crafters' and team collaborations from across Sheffield, are invited to build their floating artworks, and to approach friends or local businesses and organisations for sponsorship, to raise money for Recovery Enterprises.

We aim to raise funds in a variety of ways; through sponsorship by local companies and organisations (they get to display their logo’s etc alongside the respective boat at the boatshow), and through the usual means of collecting cash donations on the day.

Donations can be made securely online via…

Event sponsor

Our main sponsor is "the Festival of the Mind" who have provided funds to organise the event on the day

The Festival of the Mind is a collaboration between the City and the University of Sheffield, which showcases its cultural strengths through a week long festival. For more information please visit The Festival of the Mind and follow on Festival of the Mind on Twitter

Craft design Guidelines

Rafts should be no bigger than 50cmx50cm on plan. The craft should be un-powered - so no Battery operated/ Radio controlled craft, but battery power for lighting or animation on board is encouraged.

Thought perhaps should be given to the floating rudderless aspect of unpowered crafts ; as the rafts orientation (front/back) and direction, would be dictated by the flow of the river.

Every effort should be made to make all parts of the crafts secure, so that no bits fall off and contaminate the river.

The event is intended for all ages and young families. So a bit cheeky/rude is permissible but obscenity is not allowed.

Recovery Enterprises

Our Chosen Charity -

Recovery Enterprises

Recovery Enterprises is a local charity which helps people with mental health issues by supporting them to develop enterprising ideas and initiatives, including in the creative arts. Charity Registration No.